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Here you can create your very own test account for blink3sixty to explore the our features of our "Everything Payments Platform"

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Your blink3sixty test account

Here you can crete your very own test account for blink3sixty to explore the features of our "Everything Payments Platform"

Our blink test account allows you to test all payment types


A simple and easy tool which allows you to create and send customised payment links directly to your customers phone or inbox.

Virtual Terminal

The virtual terminal allows you to process over-the-phone transactions and runs full MOTO checks on transactions to minimise the risk of fraud.

Payment pages

Create and customise your very own payment pages to start taking transactions online without a website. Customise your payment page design with your logo and company colours to match your brand.

Direct Debits

The simplest way to collect regular payments from your customers, blink3sixty takes care of your recurring payments so be rest-assured that funds will be transferred directly into your bank account on time, every time.

Payments on the go

Our blink3sixty app will allow you to take payments on the go, by connecting a pinpad to your smartphone for contactless/chip and pin payments.



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